Game of Dragon`s Delight - The Final Throne by Drages


 1. Dragons have always been mystical creatures that thrive mostly on the fear, flesh, and fluid of their prey. As powerful as they are, they are never easy to tame. It takes a powerful and strong-willed witch or Domina to tame the weakest of all dragons and become a mistress over its existence "game of Dragons".

The mistress of a dragon can will it to do whatever she wishes including participating in the Game of Dragons. Where dragons go hunting at the command of their mistresses to relish and feed on the flesh and souls of young, innocent girls in the solitude of nature.

Enjoy the game of dragons, as you witness a vicious dragon scare, taunt and swallow a beautiful foxy-looking girl alive at the peak of a mountain with a kind of gore view. You don’t even see in the movies, shown in HD with crunching sound effects and tracks.

2. The game of Dragons is on! As the colossal and mystical dragon, Sersee lands in front of his prey. A voluptuous and exquisite looking woman fox stranded naked at the top of a cliff.

How a Dragon kills in an animation video:

The dragon sizes up his prey with lustful eyes before he tongues her down her nether region, giving himself a taste of her juicy bottom.

Sersee the Dragon then scoops her up in his large mouth, spread her legs wide open and continues to pleasure her with his sensual tongue movement while she moans uncontrollably in erotic excitement.

Sersee is sure about how to please his prey before venturing her deep down into the depths of his stomach.

Enjoy the unexpected thrill of a perverted dragon killing his prey with an electrifying display of sexual appeal.


- Full 1080p HD video giving you a non-pixelated 3D finish you can enjoy.

- Suspenseful soundtrack and sound fx to completely absorb you into that vore fantasy.

- Includes Soft Vore, Hard Vore, Furry Soft Vore, Furry Hard Vore versions All in One.

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Game of Dragon`s Delight - The Final Throne by Drages

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